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By on March 2nd, 2016

5 Great Things about Living in Phoenix


Living with your host family in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a ton of great things to see and experience. The American southwest is full of beauty, adventure, and a laid-back spirit that allows you to achieve your goals in a way that suits you. As you explore the city, you’ll likely find that there’s so much to love about Phoenix, it can be a little overwhelming. Instead of trying to take everything in, focus on the areas that interest you the most, like the history of the area, or the outdoor culture. Here are five things you can explore deeper that make living in Phoenix absolutely fantastic.

  1. The Outdoor Scene

Phoenix is all about the outdoors. Surrounded by the beautiful desert, and not far from either beaches or mountains, there is no end to what you can explore. The wildlife, plant life, and outdoor sports opportunities offer something for everyone to appreciate. The activities in and around Phoenix often focus on the outdoors, from hot air balloon tours to outdoor festivals and marketplaces.

  1. Getting Around

Getting around in Phoenix is easier than many other American cities because of the public transportation system, and the bike-friendly roadways. The Metro light rail and extensive public buses will get you around the city easily, or you can take to the road on your bicycle. Despite being such a large city, Phoenix is rated one of the least traffic-heavy urban areas in America. You’ll never feel dependent on your host family to give you rides around, which means you can explore the city in a way that is meaningful to you, at your own pace.

  1. Career Opportunities

Phoenix is home to several Fortune 500 company headquarters, and hundreds of other major businesses, news makers, and organizations. Not only will you have many intern opportunities to choose from, the network you’ll establish in Phoenix will be one of the widest reaching networks you could possibly develop. The people you’ll meet here will go on to be industry leaders with influence that could help you on your own path.

  1. Entertainment

You’ll never lack for entertainment while you stay in Phoenix. Dozens of museums featuring art, music, and history cover the city, and art installations and live music performances are always happening somewhere. Native American and Mexican American history and culture is on display in many parts of the city. Cultural festivals frequently happen on the weekends. Comedy clubs, night clubs, and concert venues will allow you to jump right into the young modern scene, meet people your own age, and have a great time doing it.

  1. History

Phoenix boasts many great historical sights if you’re interested in learning about the foundations of the culture you’ve immersed yourself in. The Old West history with cowboys can be explored in a real ghost town nearby, and there are many tours to take where a guide will tell you about life in Phoenix as the settlers experienced it. You’ll also be able to find tons of information about life before white settlers came to the area. The Native American influence on the area is present in many aspects of the local architecture and style.

No matter what you are interested in learning about, Phoenix is an excellent place to get a slice of both the urban and small town lifestyles in America. You can travel to nearby attractions, but even if you never leave the city, you’ll have plenty to explore. The young, energetic energy and start-up culture make Phoenix a perfect example of the American dream.