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What is Homestay?

Prices & Schools


A Homestay is popular, quality, and affordable student housing options among International students looking for a short or long term stay with a family near their school. A homestay is a healthy environment where students practice speaking a new language and learn to merge successfully into the local culture.


The purpose of a homestay is to provide students with a unique, first-hand experience as a part of a new culture, learning and practicing a new language. Students can also share of their own culture with their family as well and build new friendships.

Needs that
it meets

Needs that it meets: The need to feel welcomed part of a culture or community is essential to integrating oneself to the new surroundings. Students find this at their homestay.

Is Homestay Right for You?

The Homestay experience is one of the best the United States has to offer International Students who want to better their lives by furthering their education. Homestays are ideal for students who are looking for temporary or long-term housing with an American family.

Type of USH Host Families, Meal Plans and Transportation

The Homestay experience is one of the best the United States has to offer International Students who want to better their lives by furthering their education. Homestays are ideal for students who are looking for temporary or long-term housing with an American family.

Family Types

Homestays may include a single host, couple, large or small families. All families offer a unique experience and will share the American lifestyle with you.

Home Types

The type of home varies from host to host. While some hosts live in houses, others live in apartments or condominiums. Students will usually share the bathroom with the host family. Private bathrooms can be requested. (based on availability and not guaranteed)

Meal Plans

USH offers three simple types of homestay meal plans so that students will have more options to fit their individual needs. Snacks and lunch are not included.

Universal Student Housing Homestays allow you to...

  • Save Money! USH Homestays are one of the most affordable types of housing available.
  • Learn English! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience American culture and learn English directly from an English-speaking family.
  • Have Privacy! You will have your own room furnished with a comfortable bed, desk for your computer and studies, and closet space to store all your belongings.
  • Be Comfortable! Our friendly hosts provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere during your stay.

Room with Meals

Full Board

With this option, your host will provide you with breakfast items that you can “grab-and-go” or prepare yourself. Lunch is not provided. For dinner you will be served a delicious portion of whatever the host prepares.

Room and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

This options is for students who can prepare their own lunch and dinner, or plan to eat outside of the home. A continental breakfast in the morning will be provided each day.

Room Only

Just the room

This option is for students who choose to take care of all their own meals. We recommend this option for students who have diet restrictions (ex: vegetarian, religious, etc.). Your host will have cabinet and refrigerator space available for you to store your foods.


Just the car

USH Host families are located in the surrounding areas to your campus making transportation convenient. USH will give you the bus route from home to school in your Welcome Packet. You may ask your host to show you the bus stop and to review the information as well.

The Fees Students Must Pay

Application Fee & Security Deposit
One-Time Fee

  • You must pay this at the time of your application. We cannot process applications without receiving the application fee and security deposit payment.
  • Application fee and security deposit are non-refundable in case of cancellation.
  • If no damage has been reported by your host and you do not owe any fees to USH, the security deposit will be returned to you 30 days after the last day using USH services. You must contact us by email 30 days after you move out to receive the security deposit refund.

Housing Fee

  • This is the fee for your stay at the homestay.
  • Your housing fees must be submitted in full before receiving your homestay information.
  • If you requested airport transfer, this fee will be included on your housing fee invoice. You must pay for your airport transfer fee together with your housing fee.


If you wish to continue your stay, all extension requests must be received in writing by email. Please send your extension requests to [email protected] or call 1 (866) 900-4874 or (310) 824-4908. The housing/extension fees must be paid in advance and directly to USH. Under no circumstances may the student or his/her homestay host contract directly with one another.

Payment Options


The fastest and most convenient way to pay your fees are by paying with a credit card by logging into your USH account.


Cash is only accepted in our office. For bank deposits please contact us for more information.


You may pay with a personal check, traveler’s checks, cashier's check, or a money order. Please write the check to USH, INC. and mail to the following address:

Universal Student Housing, Inc.
2001 S. Barrington Ave Suite #209,
Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Wire Transfer

If you are out of the country, please contact us for the bank information.

Based on your requirements USH will find the
perfect host for the best homestay experience