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By on June 15th, 2015

5 Reasons for International Students to Choose Housing in Westwood California

HousingWhether you are registered for classes at UCLA campus, Kaplan, or Santa Monica College (among others), you need housing. If you are an international student about to begin classes in the Los Angeles area, you may already be a bit worried about how you will handle this issue.

After all, campus living may be unavailable or unaffordable, and now you know you have to start seeking a furnished apartment in this massive urban area. Where do you look? What about transportation? What are the prices? Where will you buy groceries? And what is this about things like utilities and laundry?

Fortunately, there are several more appealing options for international students and interns, and among the best are some of the furnished apartments in Westwood. As an alternative to UCLA housing, UCLA apartments, and even UCLA furnished apartments, Westwood housing is far better than what is usually described as “student” housing.

And while a homestay is probably one of the most affordable, Westwood housing from a group like Universal Student Housing or USH is one of the best for those who have short term needs, like international students or interns.

Why? Here are five great reasons to explore Westwood housing available from USH:

1- Transportation – Few international students or interns will have the resources or the time needed to get a driving license and purchase a car. Even with ideal conditions, though, this is not an affordable or even all that convenient way to get to and from campus anywhere in Los Angeles. Instead, Westwood housing from USH is actually within easy walking distance of major campuses. Students of UCLA and Kaplan International colleges, for instance, can get there on foot within minutes.

2- Furnishings – Imagine landing in Los Angeles. It sounds so exciting, but then imagine landing in Los Angeles after flying for hours, and then having to head to an empty apartment. That’s the reality for a lot of international students who opt for something like UCLA housing. In this situation, you would need to get your furniture, linens, and everything else. That is not the ideal way to get over jet lag or days spent traveling to the U.S. However, when you choose USH’s housing in Westwood, your apartment is what is known as “turnkey”, meaning you walk in to a fully furnished home just waiting for your arrival. No shopping, no setting up, and no hassles.

3- Location, location, location – Not only is Westwood housing from USH within walking distance of top campuses, but it is in the heart of Los Angeles. You are also close to some of the best “college town” resources ranging from shopping and dining to outdoor and recreational areas.

4- Full-time staff – The technical term “superintendent” is used when talking about someone who can help you with any problems with your housing in Westwood, but at the USH buildings you truly have 24-hour emergency support. No matter what you find wrong, you always have a skilled staff member to contact.

5- Amenities – An apartment or student dorm rarely has a lot of amenities. The Universal Student Housing in Westwood comes with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, rooftop access, laundry options, and more.

Clearly, this sort of housing in Westwood is ideal for any student, but especially for the international student who may struggle because of their lack of familiarity with the city. Housing in Los Angeles is notoriously tough to find, but when you choose the Westwood housing described here, you get the benefits of college or university living but with far more superior amenities and features. Surrounded by fellow international students, and providing you with a modern and safe place to live and study, this housing is a great opportunity.