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By on February 22nd, 2016

Becoming an International Student at Arizona State University


Phoenix, Arizona is a bustling urban area surrounded by beautiful desert. It is a great example of the American melting pot, with many cultures being presented in the lifestyle exemplary to Phoenix. It’s also an outdoor lover’s dream, with many hiking trails and climbing spots to explore. There are many fantastic reasons to consider Arizona State University’s Phoenix campus for your international studies.

Applying to Arizona State University

ASU is one of the top 10 rated universities in America, and is in the top 100 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities. They offer over 300 undergraduate degrees so you can follow exactly the path you want for your future. Graduates from ASU go on to be innovative leaders in their fields and communities. To apply, you must fill out the online application, and then mail in the required documents such as transcripts, test scores, and financial information. They also require your TOEFL or IELTS score, as well as your SAT or ACT scores if you’ve taken them. Once you’ve submitted all the required paperwork, the application process begins in earnest. With so many different cultures represented in the Phoenix area, ASU offers many programs, groups, and organized events to help you find others who share your interests. ASU Online provides more information about admission at this address:

Multiple Campuses

ASU’s four unique campuses are Polytechnic, Tempe, West, and Downtown Phoenix. Each campus has its own feel and style that makes it a completely singular experience. The Tempe campus is simply chock full of student life. The art museum, gardens, Broadway shows, football games, and fast paced student centers present a complete social picture of ASU. The Downtown Phoenix campus focuses on being truly integrated with the city and the business world around Phoenix. Journalism majors will find great opportunities being so close to the major newsmakers. The Polytechnic campus is a state-of-the-art campus that combines technology, science, engineering, and business altogether to prepare you for a future in the STEM and business fields. The West campus really gives students the feeling of belonging to a small town with their focus on community access and education. While all four campuses have their own identity, the overall sense of being a part of the larger picture makes ASU special.

Living in Phoenix

Living with a host family near ASU offers you a chance to get a personal welcome to an unfamiliar country. Your host family will help you learn the customs and culture of America, and help you sharpen your English. They’ll also act as an adopted family while you are here, supporting you and cheering you on as you go after your goals. Through a host family, you’ll come into contact with a much wider range of people and experiences than you could living on campus. Phoenix is full of history and outdoor adventure to experience. Both the beach and mountains are within a day’s drive, and the sun-loving lifestyle of the American southwest imbues the city with energy. Phoenix is also home to over 85,000 major corporations, businesses, and newsmakers, so job and internship opportunities abound. Phoenix truly offers a balanced life to start your future off on the best foot.

The American southwest is steeped in Native American and Mexican American history, as well as other cultures from around the world. By combining the connectivity and opportunity of a large city, with the charm and energy of a laid back, outdoor enthusiast’s small town, Phoenix is a great choice for your international study program. Your career’s future will be in good hands when you attend ASU.