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By on December 22nd, 2014

What is an Affordable Student Housing Solution for a Foreign Exchange Student?

Are you considering becoming a foreign exchange student? Do you find it overwhelming to think about all the arrangements that need to be made? Before coming to America, many students must find a suitable place to live. It is worthwhile to check out an affordable student housing solution before arriving in the U.S., because it will make you less stressed out when you know exactly where you are going to live while you are visiting.

Living in a Private Apartment

How much money do you have to work with? When exploring different places and locations to live, the first thing you need to do is be realistic about your budget. Sure, the thought of living in a private apartment is the most attractive option, but if it is affordable is an entirely different question. A private apartment may be an affordable student housing solution for some students, but for other students it is simply not doable.

When renting a private apartment there are many costs you need to consider such as; the deposit, monthly rental cost, utility deposits and monthly fees. One very important consideration is the location of the apartment. If you aren’t close to public transportation and don’t plan on driving, it doesn’t matter how cheap an apartment is to rent.

Being close to public transportation is very important. If a student doesn’t have a bus line or commuter train close by, it may mean taking a taxi for traveling to and from school. Using a taxi service can quickly deplete a student’s funds, because it is very expensive. It is important you choose an affordable student housing solution which offers various public transportation options conveniently located.

Sharing an Apartment

If you can’t afford your own apartment and the thought of dormitory life is a no-go, another option to think about is sharing an apartment with another student. Sharing an apartment will give you privacy and dividing the expenses with another student, will save you some money.

Not only does sharing an apartment with another student provide a money saving option for students, but there are other benefits as well. If an exchange student can be matched up with another student who has similar interests or maybe comes from the same country, it will provide great comradery for both. Renting an apartment with a fellow exchange student is an affordable student housing solution.

Living with a Host Family

The thought of living and studying in a new country makes many exchange students wish to be independent. However, living with a host family is something to think about if living alone is not financially feasible. Residing with a host family has its benefits and downfalls, as does any living arrangement. A student housing organization will do its best to match students to the right families.

There is no better way to acclimate to life in another country than through living with a host family. Residing with a host family will help an exchange student learn English faster. Through interacting with a host family, an exchange student may be able to experience a sense of comfort and being around the family, may help ease any homesickness or culture shock.

Residing with a host family is just one affordable student housing solution, a foreign exchange student may want to consider.

Choices, Choices and More Choices

Arriving in a new country is stressful enough, not knowing where you are going to live presents a whole new plethora of problems which will have to be addressed. If you can afford to do so, living in an apartment by yourself is great. If a private apartment is not within a student’s budget, sharing one with another student can be an interesting adventure. However, living with a host family can be a money saving option which is cheaper than an apartment, and affords more privacy and space than sharing an apartment.

If you are a foreign exchange student and want to explore an affordable student housing solution, visit for further information.