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By on April 16th, 2015

Ensure Your Group Success With the Right Housing

When international students hear the term “homestay” they automatically feel it is something available only to individual students. This is a disappointment to many who would have preferred a home-like setting while studying in the U.S. However, USH (Universal Student Housing) has been providing housing for groups of up to 80 students at one time for more than a decade.


Different Options Available

What is it you are hoping to enjoy in a group homestay? Is it a more affordable type of housing? Is it to be close to more than a single college or university? For example, USH has arrangements with more than 125 schools and universities throughout California, Arizona and Florida. Some of the group accommodations are clusters of high quality apartments (such as those enjoyed by UCLA exchange students in the Westwood area of the city), but it might also be a small group setting in a classic homestay arrangement.

Why Homestay at All?

Naturally, you might wonder why a group would want a homestay arrangement in the first place, and there are many sound reasons for the decision:

• Affordability – A group can always get better options because they will always share bedrooms and can often find group discounts on everything from air travel to local services.

• Security – Traveling abroad is a frightening experience, but a lot of the culture shock and anxiety can be alleviated simply by having a few friends and classmates accompany you to your weeks or months of study abroad.

• Social – It can be very difficult to introduce yourself to others, especially if struggling with the language, but as a group, you can each take confidence from one another for such basics as shopping and traveling on public transportation.

• Turnkey – The term “turnkey” means that your home will be ready with only the most minimal amount of effort needed to settle in. Imagine trying to get all that you need for a dormitory or traditional apartment rental when you are unfamiliar with the city and just arrived? The homestay option for groups lets you choose to stay in nicely furnished turnkey apartments.

• Immersion without being overwhelmed – A lot of students worry about the full immersion into the English language as soon as they arrive. However, when it is a group arriving and living together, there is less pressure to be fluent as you step off of a plane. If there is a problem with communication, a few of the members can work together to understand and solve issues. Groups staying together can often problem solve without panic or pressure.

Whether it is for students or interns in a business, USH can help groups of international students find the right setting for their needs. The same application processes would be used to ensure that the group is being placed in the right area and in the ideal surroundings. Known for its commitment to customer service, the firm offers a seamless experience and easy access to some of the most vibrant schools in California, Arizona and Florida.

Hosts for individual and group homestays are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that students get only the best housing possible, and often it is groups who benefit the very most from their arrangements. After all, they can find themselves within easy reach of their campuses but also all of the best resources. Restaurants, shops, fitness centers, recreational areas, religious institutions, and cultural spots are usually within walking distance.

There are many great reasons to inquire about group homestay opportunities through USH, and you can find out more by visiting their partnership page today.